IPD’s principal, Tori Poppenheimer resigned from Acuity Brands Lighting, Hydrel Division, located in Sylmar California, in July of 2006 after her 25 year tenure as a Principal Design Engineer developing new products for Hydrel to devote her full effort to IPD. She had been performing consulting engineering work for a diverse range of clients for the last 15 years on a part time basis.

She has recently developed several lines of products based on her own intellectual property that are being licensed for manufacturing and sales to LITE360 a US based architectural lighting company. Her ties to Pacific Rim manufacturing facilities and technical engineering staff from Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore and China as well as dozens of US based engineering consultants in manufacturing, safety, materials, IT, architecture, and tooling allows for scalable services across multiple fields of expertise and the ability to provide sourcing for tooling and manufacturing capacity to fit a wide variety of project scopes.

Tori graduated cum laude from Arizona State University’s College of Architecture with a degree in Industrial Design in 1981, after an internship with Plastic Tooling Aids, a design firm that specialized in medical equipment. Upon graduation she held a position as a staff designer with Marvin Glass, a Chicago based toy design firm, then she was hired by Hydrel in July of 1982, a small specialty architectural lighting manufacturer that had been recently bought by a group of investors. She developed successful new products for them contributing to rapid growth, soon she was made a partner in the privately held company and, after growing the company from about 1.5 million in annual sales to just over 30 million the partners sold it to Acuity Brands Lighting in Sept 1998. Just after selling a significant product line to Sta-Rite, a pool equipment manufacturer a few months before. Tori had done consulting work for several clients in her spare time in some unrelated industries; this work became more involved as her reputation as a designer grew. After working for the company that bought Hydrel for several years, Acuity Brands Lighting, she decided to devote her full effort to her consulting clients and development of her own products for license. She started IPD in July of 2006 with a client in the cosmetics business that had a professional product that they wanted to introduce to the consumer market. Requiring a complete redesign of the product to make it more consumer friendly.

IPD’s principal sat on the National Fire Protection Agency’s (NFPA) code panel 20, for the National Electrical Code (NEC) which writes the standards for electrical equipment used in swimming pools, spas, and decorative fountains. She designed most of the underwater lighting fixtures on the market today.

She also has conducted numerous training sessions for lighting designers, specifiers, architects and engineers in techniques, codes and concerns with underwater lighting for pools, fountains and other hazardous locations.

In January of 2009 Tori accepted a full time position as a senior product designer for Amerlux, a high end architectural lighting company headquartered in New Jersey. She is responsible for designing outdoor lighting products for their Dynamic Lighting Solutions division based in Pearland Texas.